Adventurous kitten hitches ride with courier

Adventurous kitten hitches a ride with a courier, 24 Oct 2018
Adventurous kitten hitches a ride with a courier, 24 Oct 2018. (Photo: Dierenartsenpraktijk De Meierij / Facebook)

A 4-month-old kitten went on quite an adventure through half of the Netherlands on Wednesday. He snuck into a courier's car somewhere along the courier's route and was only noticed some time later, Veterinarian service De Meierij said on Facebook.

"This kitten wanted to see the whole of the Netherlands. He therefore got into a courier's car somewhere on a very long delivery route and has now properly lost his owner", the De Meierij said. The courier's route started in Waddinxveen through Almere to Groningen and then through Arnhem to Sint-Oedenrode.  "The kitten is currently well cared for by the courier and if you are the owner you can contact us."

The owner of the kitten has since been found, De Meierij said. It turned out that the kitten got onto the van in Asten. "The owner could tell us precisely from which company the courier is and so we know for certain that it is the real owner. The kitten's brother misses him terribly, and the courier and owner will make sure that they are reunited soon."