Video: Comic Jim Jefferies joins Amsterdam police for ride-along

Jim Jefferies with Amsterdam police officers
Comedian Jim Jefferies tags along with two Dutch police officers in a Sept. 2018 episode of The Jim Jefferies Show.. (The Jim Jefferies Show / Comedy Central)

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies picked up a viral hit with his video of a ride-along with police in Amsterdam. The segment, produced for his Comedy Central program The Jim Jefferies Show, mostly shows the comic and two police officers driving around the city on a quiet night with no crimes to investigate.

The video collected about 800,000 views across the show's official Facebook and Twitter pages in the three days following its Sept. 21 debut.

It leads Jefferies to bond with one cop's love affair with the titular character of TV show Dexter, the one time that cop shot someone in an early 1980s incident, and the moment, and (of course) a rousing rendition of the late 1980s song "Bad Boys."

Ultimately, the slow night provided enough time for Jeffries to pop into a coffeeshop to smoke cannabis, while the police officers waited for him to rejoin them.

Amsterdam's Red Light District has so much crime, the police had to call in Jim for backup.

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