Teacher shortage: Zaanstad implements 4-day school week

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The teacher shortage has become such a problem in Zaanstad that schools have to switch to a four-day school week this autumn. "In places where there is no other option, we will be doing this in the short term", Rien Spies of the Zaanstad school umbrella organization Agora confirmed to RTL Nieuws.

"All people who can stand in front of the class are in front of the class", Spies said to the broadcaster. "So when somebody doesn't show up, we do not have a solution for that. We can't get the ends together anymore." A four day school week is in violation of Dutch law, but "we can't do anything else", Spies said. 

Agora is taking this measure with Zaan Primair, another large umbrella organization in the area. Together they manage over 50 schools in Zaanstad, 95 percent of the total.

Which schools will be affected by this measure is not yet clear.