Dutch to pay higher health insurance premiums next year: report

Health insurance
The rising cost of health care and insurance, as described by the image's creator.. (photo: 401(K) 2012 / Flickr)

People in the Netherlands can expect to pay more on their health insurance next year. The government is expecting an average annual health insurance premium of 1,432 euros for next year, 124 euros more expensive than this year, sources in The Hague confirmed to NOS.

The healthcare deductible will remain stable at 385 euros. Coalition parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie agreed during formation negotiations that this amount will stay frozen for the duration of the Rutte III government period.

Partly as a result of the deductible not increasing, health insurance premiums were expected to rise. The premiums will likely rise further in the coming years. 

To help counteract the higher premiums, people with low incomes will also receive a higher healthcare allowance next year, according to the broadcaster's sources. For single person households, the maximum allowance is increasing by 92 euros next year, and for multi-person households by 277 euros. 

The government will officially announce these amounts on Budget Day next week. The average health insurance premium of 1,432 euros for next year is not set in stone. The exact amount will be determined by the health insurers later this year. But the government expectation is seen as a guideline for the health insurers, according to RTL Nieuws.