Activists block NAM location in protest against Groningen gas mining

Farmsum, in the municipality of Delfzijl
Farmsum, in the municipality of DelfzijlPhoto: Dickelbers / Wikimedia Commons

Activists blocked access to NAM's Tankenpark in Farmsum, Groningen on Tuesday morning in a protest against gas extraction in the province. According to action group Code Rood, more than 700 people gathered at the gates. The group wants to block the entrance for several days, ANP reports.

"Our action is directed against the fossil fuel industry (Shell and Exxon), which sacrifices entire areas to the extraction of fossil fuels and does not take any responsibility for the consequences. Also not for climate change", Code Rood said in a statement. "We show that resistance is possible if people join forces and form a front together."

A Code Rood spokesperson told ANP that the blockade in Farmsum is "the largest civil disobedience campaign against gas extraction in Groningen ever."

NAM, owned by Shell and Exxon, stores natural gas condensate and production water in Tankenpark.