Police rescue overheating dogs from cars at World Dog Show in Amsterdam

Doggies Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Lilly M. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Lilly M)

The police broke multiple car windows at the RAI in Amsterdam, where the World Dog Show 2018 is taking place, to rescue overheating dogs. Multiple dog owners were fined 750 euros for leaving their pets in the hot car, ANP reports.

While the heatwave is over in the Netherlands, temperatures in a parked car can still quickly rise to 40 degrees, the police said. This can cause to overheat and even die. Police officers will perform extra checks at the RAI over the weekend to make sure no dogs are left in cars.

The World Dog Show is the largest dog show in the world. More than 30 thousand dogs of 300 different breeds are participating in the show this year. The dog show is on until Sunday.