Dutch cultured meat startup gets €7.5 million investment

Mosa Meat cultured beef hamburger patty
Mosa Meat cultured beef hamburger patty. (Photo: Mosa Meat)

Dutch startup Mosa Meat, that makes meat in a laboratory, received a 7.5 million euros investment from Swiss meat processing company Bell Food Group and M Ventures, the investment branch of German pharmaceutical Merck, a spokesperson for Mosa Meat confirmed to NU.nl.

This is the first major investment in Mosa Meat, which is led by researcher Mark Post from Maastricht University and food expert Peter Verstrate. Post unveiled the first lab-made hamburger patty in 2013. The patty was made from cow sells, instead of a living animal. This first cultured meat patty cost 250 thousand euros and years of research to make.

Mosa Meat now aims to open a production location in the Netherlands by 2021, where the company can produce patties at a cost of 8.50 euros each. The company will use the invested money to scale up its production processes.