Amsterdam to get a Health Food Wall

Amsterdam's food walls will soon offer an alternative for people who want to make healthier choices with their meals. In August croquette king Febo will be joined by a Health Food Wall, which is opening on Kinkerstraat. The Health Food Wall will serve healthy vegetarian, or even vegan, meals as well as some gluten-free options, Het Parool reports.

The Health Food Wall was thought up by Anouk Snelders, who studied nutrition and diet and is working as a vegetarian chef. "I was surprised that there was no concept a la Febo yet: fast, easy, affordable, but then healthy. I saw a gap in the market", she said to the newspaper. "The wall is now being built especially for us. There will be room for six different meals: two salads and four large meals. I developed them all myself and tested them on friends and family."

The biggest challenge was to keep the meals affordable. "Organic and fresh food is simply more expensive. But for seven to nine euros you have a complete meal with us", Snelders said. Another concern for Snelders was keeping the meals tasty, while having as little effect on the environment as possible. "We keep the ingredients in the meal trays as separate as possible - just in heaps, not with unnecessary plastic. And the plastic that we do use, for sauces and the like, are made of biodegradable material."

The wall will blow cold air onto the meals to keep them fresh. "You can warm them up at home in a pan, but it is not really necessary. They were tested cold and everyone thought it was super tasty", Snelders said to the newspaper.

The Health Food Wall will work with contactless payments, instead of cash.