Dutch can expect higher gas, electricity bills from July

Dutch with energy contracts with variable rates, can expect higher electricity and gas bills from next month. This affects about half of Dutch households, RTL Nieuws reports.

The price increase is the result of higher purchase prices on the energy market, which follow rising oil prices, according to comparison site Pricewise. The Netherlands also has to import more gas, as gas mining in Groningen is being reduced. The United States withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran and political unrest in Venezuela also play a role, Pricewise director Hans de Kok said. 

The price increases vary by supplier. At Eneco the price for annual consumption of 3,500 kilowatt hours of electricity and 1,500 cubic meters of gas will be 64 euros more expensive from July 1st. Nuon's price for this consumption is increasing by 32 euros. Essent's prices remain the same.

Higher energy prices also have an advantage according to De Kok. As gas and electricity become more expensive, households are more likely to invest in sustainable energy. "In combination with improved technology, people earn back money spent on their heat pump or solar panels earlier", he said.