Nigeria wants to help Shell protect pipeline with drones

The Nigerian Air Force is prepared to help Shell protect its pipelines in the African country using newly acquired drones, should Shell ask for that help, Air Force commander Sadique Abubakar said, ANP reports.

The Dutch oil giant regularly faces criticism in Nigeria due to pollution. On the mainline, Shell pipelines are often drained and sabotaged, resulting in heavy pollution, according to the oil company. Critics blame the large environmental damage on outdated pipelines and negligence on Shell's part. 

The Nigerian Air Force recently acquired several drones, called Tsaigumi's. According to Abubakar, these drones can be used to monitor the pipelines. They can fly for up to 10 hours at a few kilometers altitude and a range of 100 kilometers, he said. 

According to the Air Force Commander, he already discussed this possibility with the Shell directors in Nigeria.