Retired footballers sought for World Cup walking football team

A remarkable selection training is happening in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam on Monday. The Dutch walking-football team is looking for retired internationals, age 65 or older, to join their team for the walking football World Cup, RTL Nieuws reports.

The team now consists of former internationals 79-year-old Sjaak Swart, 65-year-old Dick Schoenaker, 65-year-old Kees Kist, and 66-year-old Wim Rijsbergen. They are looking for five more players to complete their team.

Walking football is a variant of football in which players are not allowed to run. The game is also played without goal keepers. The World Cup will be held in Bristol on May 12th. 

Two hundred people over the age of 65 were invited to the selection day by Sjaak Swart and Corina Gielbert of the National Elderly Fund.