Amsterdam recruits teachers in Zaandam, local politicians annoyed


Sanna Munnikendam, education alderman in Zaandam, was unpleasantly surprised to suddenly find posters calling for people to become teachers in Amsterdam throughout her city, Het Parool reports.

The poster shows a smiling woman with a smiling boy. It reads, in childlike writing: "Teacher, you always see what I'm good at". And below that: "Become a teacher in Amsterdam"

"I express myself softly when I say that the action was not pleasantly received here", Munnikendam said to Het Parool. 

The campaign is intended to enthuse people to become teachers. But the line "Become a teacher in Amsterdam" gives the impression that Amsterdam is trying to recruit teachers from Zaandam - which also faces a looming shortage of primary school teachers.

"I can well imagine that school boards are not happy with this. They are afraid that Amsterdam is trying to fish in their pond", Munnikendam said to the newspaper.

She spoke to her Amsterdam counterpart, Simone Kukenheim. Munnikendam did not ask for the posters to be removed, but asked for cooperation. "Amsterdam has a much larger budget for such campaigns. But the problem exists here too. I made a proposal to henceforth make this a campaign within the Amsterdam metropolitan region."