Dutch municipalities may ban fireworks completely: report

Dutch municipalities may soon be able to ban fireworks completely, instead of only implementing firework-free zones in the municipality over New Year's. Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security is considering this measure, AD reports based on sources in the coalition.

This is one of the measures Grapperhaus and State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management are considering as an alternative to a nationwide ban on firecrackers. The Minister recently took that proposal off the table, because it did not have the support of a majority in the Tweede Kamer. The VVD in particular is against it, and would rather focus on tackling illegal fireworks, according to the newspaper. But the coalition parties are willing to accept a possibility to ban fireworks locally, according to the newspaper's sources. 

"There is a huge difference between the fireworks problems in the big cities and the towns outside the Randstad. This measure gives the minister, who has a big problem with fireworks violence against aid workers in the big city, an opportunity to offer local customization", an insider said to the newspaper.

The government parties agree on one measure at least - obliging firework traders to sell stable firing tubes and safety goggles with fireworks, according to AD.

In December the Dutch Safety Board advised the government to ban crackers and rockets, as these types of fireworks cause the most injuries and damage every New Year's. The government has yet to come with an official response to this report. They have until end May, according to NOS.