Efteling visitors stuck on roller coaster for 20 minutes

Baron 1898 roller coaster at Efteling
Baron 1898 roller coaster at Efteling. (Photo: MetNL / Wikimedia Commons)

Visitors to amusement park Efteling spent 20 minutes stuck on roller coaster Baron 1898 on Monday morning. The ride stalled just before the train made its first plunge, RTL Nieuws reports.

The park's emergency workers had to evacuate the visitors off the roller coaster, an Efteling spokesperson said to RTL Nieuws. 

According to the spokesperson, Baron 1898 is equipped with many sensitive sensors, which stops the ride "out of precaution" if all is not right. This is not the first time it happens, she said. 

Baron 1898 was not the only ride at the amusement park with a fault on Monday. There were also problems with the rides Joris en de Draak and Bobsleebaan.