Many Dutch employers ignore reports of sexual harassment: survey

#metoo me too
The "Me Too" hashtag gained prominence as a way for victims and witnesses to identify personal accounts of sexual misconduct. (image: NL Times)

One in ten internal confidential counselors have been ignored by their employer at least once when speaking up for a victim of sexual harassment. The same is true for 23 percent of confidential counselors that work outside the company, according to a survey commissioned by the national association of confidential counselors LVV and research program De Monitor, ANP reports. 

One in six employees in the Netherlands face problems from bullying- or harassing colleagues, according to LVV. That amounts to more than 1.2 million people. 

The survey also found that the vast majority, over 80 percent, of confidential counselors would like to have a stronger legal position. According to LVV, a stronger legal position will mean that confidential counselors can help victims more effectively, because the do not have to worry about losing their jobs.