Over 300 damage reports in latest Groningen earthquake

The Centrum Veilig Wonen (CVW) in Groningen received 316 damage claims related to a magnitude 3.4 earthquake that struck Monday afternoon, newspaper AD reported. Some 46 of these complaints come directly from the village of Zeerijp, the epicenter of the earthquake.

Most of the damage reported are for cracks in walls and door that won't open. According to CVW spokesperson Arjan van de Leur, the agency is expecting the number of claims to rise much higher in the coming days. "Most of the people make a true estimation with daylight or over the weekend", he told AD.  

Damage reports were primarily collected over the phone, and many victims sounded clearly emotionally affected, Van de Leur said. "That's what it is actually about, in the beginning: to hear stories, emotions, anger", said Van de Leur, who had to bring in extra staff in order to deal with all the claims.

Newspaper Dagblad Noorden interviewed some children from the Wilgenstee primary school who experienced the earthquake. Emma (10) told: "We all got really frightened. It's not that nice when the earth begins to shake. Out of the blue. And here it happens more oftern."

Until Wednesday people will have the chance to make their damage claim by the municipality of Loppersum. It can be done also by phone or internet.