Transavia removes YouTube video after plagiarism accusation

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Transavia airplanes at Schiphol. April 21, 2007Pieter van MarionFlickrCC-BY-NC

Transavia took down a video it uploaded to YouTube after the airline was accused of plagiarizing the work of a Dutch model. The videos are supposedly too similar to the videos of YouTuber Lize Korpershoek.

Tim Hofman, a BNNVARA host and Korpershoek friend, wrote several tweets late on Thursday where he accused Transavia of replicating his pal's work. "To copy each and every format of independent content makers is just odd, man" he wrote.

Transavia's videos aim to give their passengers holiday tips in a "creative" way, NOS reported. According to Hofman those video look like Korpershoek's videos of life tips and hacks seen on her channel. As an example he showed pictures where the girls are wearing the same bath slippers. "No, but seriously. You might think: that could happen, but even the bath slippers swag is stolen".

A spokesperson from Transavia admitted the similarities and lamented it. "We will research on how this could happen". The airline said it would contact Korpershoek to apologize.