Almere school commemorates murdered Shakil

The Stad College in Almere set up a memorial site for their 15-year-old student Shakil, who was stabbed to death in the city on Tuesday night. "Taking care of shocked students and teachers is our first priority", director Sandra van Rijnbach said to AD.

The VMBO school, which teaches technology, healthcare and IT, dedicated a room to the boy. It contains pictures of Shakil, as well as some of his work and his work shoes. Pupils and teachers can leave memories there. "We want to bundle these contributions into a book and later offer them to the parents of this student as comfort and a reminder of him", Van Rijnbach said. Victim support was also at the school on Thursday.

Shakil was killed in a stabbing incident on Pirellipad in Almere on Tuesday night. The police arrested two 15-year-old boys as suspects. So far nothing is known about the motive for the murder.