Marktplaats flooded with unwanted Sinterklaas gifts

Only one day since Pakjesavond and online market place Marktplaats is already flooded with unwanted Sinterklaas gifts. This year Sinterklaas most often misjudged his custom's desires when it came to navigation systems, car chargers for smartphones and underwear and lingerie, RTL Nieuws reports.

The site also saw a massive increase in offers to sell Dutch-language CDs, up 28 percent. The offer of travel guides also increased significantly, by 19 percent. And like previous years, many people also listed hats, scarves, gloves and DVDs for sale. 

Last year the number of advertisements for computer games, women's clothing, books and men's socks increased most after Pakjesavond. "There we did not see a noticeable increase this year", a spokesperson for Marktplaats said to the broadcaster. It seems the Sint learned from last year's mistakes. In 2014 hundreds of Furby's were offered for sale. 

According to Marktplaats, the reason the site is so popular for listing unwanted gifts, is that people don't always get receipts with their presents. "We don't want to sound ungrateful", the spokesperson was quick to add. did not notice a significant increase in offered items after Pakjesavond. "It is too early to say anything about it, but we see that the percentage of returned gifts is not higher around the holidays than on other days", a spokesperson said.