War monument vandalized in Dutch town

new police uniform 1
New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie). (New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie))

Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, someone vandalized a war memorial on Polderstraat in the Zuid-Holland town of Alblasserdam. One of the four scales that form part of the monument was found shattered on Saturday morning. Mayor Jaap Paans of Alblasserdam gave the perpetrators an ultimatum - turn yourself in by noon on Monday, or charges will be pressed. The perpetrator turned himself in on Monday, RTV Rijnmond reports.

According to the broadcaster, the municipality filed a declaration of vandalism with the police immediately after clearing up the debris. The municipality could not explain the reason for the ultimatum while a declaration was already filed, RTV Rijnmond reports.

The perpetrator reported himself to a community police officer. This week, the mayor wants to speak to the person concerned about the motive for the vandalism, and compensation.

This is not the first time this war memorial was vandalized. The same happened in 2015. Then repairing the broken scale cost around 5 thousand euros, according to the broadcaster.