Breda, Almere have best city centers in Netherlands

Ridderstraat in Breda Centrum
Ridderstraat in Breda CentrumPhoto: G.Lanting / Wikimedia Commons

Almere and Breda have the best city centers in the Netherlands, according to the jury of the Best City Center 2017-2019 election. Breda won in the category large city centers, and Almere in the category medium-sized city centers, NOS reports.

According to the jury, Breda's city center makes visitors "feel welcome" in the "cozy Brabant city". Breda is also praised for its city center's versatility - there's something to do for every target group and the center is accessible to most means of public transport. The Noord-Brabant city also distinguished itself from other cities with its city app.

Almere's city center was called a "vibrant shopping, residential and living environment" by the jury. The city scored high on its programming of events and maintenance of public space and the environment. 

Arnhem came in second place in the large city centers category, and Hoofddorp in the medium-sized category. 

During the previous election in 2015, Rotterdam and Gouda won the titles.