Three KLM planes hit by lightning

KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol Airport
KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol Airport. 14 June 2011SaschaporscheWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

Three KLM planes were hit by lightning shortly after taking off from Schiphol on Sunday afternoon. One plane had to return to the Amsterdam airport for inspection, NOS reports.

Flight KL1175 was on its way from Schiphol to Trondheim in Norway when lightning struck it. The plain turned around over the North Sea and flew back to Schiphol to be inspected. The safety of passengers and crew was not in danger, a KLM spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

Flight KL1365 to Warsaw also considered returning to Schiphol after a lightning strike. But after flying a circle over the Veluwe, it was decided that it was safe to continue on its way to Poland, according to the broadcaster.

The third flight, a Boeing 787 to Osaka in Japan, continued its flight unhindered despite a lightning strike.