Amsterdam tram traffic, water supply disrupted by sinkhole

Tram traffic in Amsterdam city center is experiencing some problems due to a sinkhole on Marnixstraat, AT5 reports. A large part of Jordaan also does not have water at this stage. 

The sinkhole was discovered around 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday. It is located around a pole on the tram line, which means that the pole has no solid footing. There was concern that the pole would fall over, but it seems to be stable, according to the broadcaster.

Water company Waternet reports that the sinkhole was caused by a break in the water main, which is why many homes currently don't have water, NOS reports. 

Marnixstraat is closed to traffic and pedestrians at the Elandsgracht tram stop. Trams 7, 10 and 14 are making detours around the sinkhole. The routes for trams 13 and 17 are shortened to Wetering circuit. Travelers are advised to use tram 24 between Wetering circuit and Central station. No trams are stopping at Bilderdijkstraat, Elandsgracht, Marnixstraat and Marnixplein.