Euthanasia clinic needs 50 more doctor to keep up with demand

The End Of Life clinic needs to hire at least 50 more doctors in order to keep up with the increasing number of applications for euthanasia, a spokesperson said to RTL Nieuws. The clinic already employs 59 doctors, so their doctors need to almost double. "We want to avoid waiting lists and people in need unnecessarily having to wait", the spokesperson said.

In the first nine months of this year, the clinic received a total of 1,862 applications for help, 500 of which ended in euthanasia. "If it continues at this rate, it'll be over 2,500 [requests] over the entire year", the spokesperson said. Last year the clinic received 1,800 requests.

The clinic believes that anyone going through unbearable and unending suffering, must have access to euthanasia within the framework of the law. 

Doctors working for the End Of Life clinic, work in their own region with a nurse in outpatient teams. They usually do this in addition to having their own practice. They are assisted by the Euthanasia Expertise Center.