#MeToo: Dutch senator says she was molested by Minister

CDA Senator Ria Oomen also says she dealt with sexual harassment as a young politician. A Minister grabbed her breasts in the 1980's, she said during a debate about sexual harassment on regional broadcaster L1. 

"He had a lot to drink and thought he was allowed certain things", Oomen said on L1. She didn't name the Minister, but did say that she set him straight immediately. "I slapped him on both sides of his face."

Oomen believes that women should stand up for themselves in such situations, she said to RTL Nieuws. "Even when you have a drink, there are limits. In the 80's, when this happened, we did not yet know the term 'line crossing behavior'. But I found it unseemly and you should not want that", Oomen said to the broadcaster.

"It did not bother me, I did not have restless nights because of it. But if someone touches you in a way you don't want, you as woman should respond in an appropriate manner", Oomen said to RTL. In her case it was slapping the man. "That helped. Women must be aware that they themselves must act if unacceptable behavior is shown."