Rotterdam tram driver turning into YouTube sensation

Driver's view of a Rotterdam tram traveling on Line 4 across Marconiplein
Driver's view of a Rotterdam tram traveling on Line 4 across MarconipleinPhoto: Screenshot / YouTube / 76Darkboy

Rotterdam tram driver Rodney Luxemburg is turning into something of a YouTube sensation with soothing videos of his tram running routes through the city. The unedited videos begin at the start of the route, and follows the entire route, with only the tram noises - ringing bell, wheels, opening doors and the stop announcements - in the background. 

Luxemburg started making these videos in 2008 on his YouTube channel 76Darkboy. The videos have now been viewed over 356 thousand times, according to newspaper AD. Initially Luxemburg only put his phone on the dashboard, now he makes his films with a GoPro on the windshield. The HD images give watchers a look at the view from the tram's driver's seat. 

Not all the videos show only smooth going - here and there watchers have a front seat view of an unexpected stop. For example, in the video on line 23 towards Beverwaard, Luxemburg had to stop and wait for a duck and her ducklings to cross the line. And another video shows a startled pedestrian who didn't realize she was crossing on a red light. 


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