Dutch teens ditching booze, bars for healthier lifestyles

The number of bars in the Netherlands decreased by 4 percent to 8,950 over the past five years, according to hospitality consulting company Van Spronsen & Partners. The consultancy attributes the decrease in bars to Dutch teenagers and young people being increasingly focused on a healthier lifestyle, AD reports.

Due to this focus on living healthy, young people consume less alcohol. They also rather go to a festival, or watch television at home than go to bars. The Netherlands' aging population also plays a role in the decreasing number of bars, according to Van Spronsen & Partners. Elderly people go out to drink less and less often. 

The consultancy expects that another 250 to 275 bars will have to close their doors in the next five years. For bars in villages and towns, a possible tip for survival is becoming a pick up point for parcels or dry cleaners. The trend of turning bars into food-cafes is also an opportunity for survival.