Hundreds of international students can't find accommodation in NL: student union

While the study year at all universities and colleges in the Netherlands already started, hundreds of international students are still unable to find a place to stay, according to student union LSVb. Out of necessity they're sleeping in hostels, campsites or even cars, the union said, according to ANP.

"Universities actively recruited these students who are now on the streets. They need to take responsibility quickly and organize a solution", LSVb chairman Tariq Sewbaransingh said to the news wire. The union set up a hotline for students with housing problems last month. According to Sewbaransingh, they've heard some scary stories.

"Many students, like their Dutch peers, have been looking for a room for months. A British student slept on couches for months", Sewbaransingh said to the news wire. "Eventually he decided to opt out of college and go home after he could not find a room in four months."