Fmr. State Secretary suspected of tax fraud

Former State Secretary Robin Linschoten (VVD) is suspected of tax fraud, ANP reports. He must appear in the court of Amsterdam on September 1st. The Public Prosecutor would not confirm that the case involves Linschoten, only saying that the suspect is a 60-year-old man from Eemnes - Linschoten's age and hometown, NOS reports. 

The man is suspected of committing VAT fraud with his own companies by declaring incorrect sales tax in the years 2010 to 2012. The total fraud amount is around 100 thousand euros, according to the Prosecutor. "Fraud can undermine the system. Through tax fraud the State misses out on revenue. Fraud also undermines the sense of justice and trust in the government", a Public Prosecutor spokesperson said to NOS. 

Linschoten's lawyer was unavailable for comment.

Linschoten was State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment between 1994 and 1996. He stepped down after parliament lost confidence in him in a debate on the social security supervisory board Ctsv. Parliament held him responsible for administrative problems at the Ctsv regarding the implementation of social security laws. He was also accused of delaying a report from the Ctsv on the abolition of the law focused on reducing sick leave, according to the broadcaster.

Before becoming State Secretary, Linschoten was a VVD parliamentarian for 12 years. After his political career, Linschoten worked at insurer Interpolis for years. He later became an independent management consultant and was also a member of the Social and Economic Council.