Dutch tourist rescued from Thailand ravine

A 46-year-old Dutch tourist was rescued from a ravine in Mae Hong Son in Thailand on Monday night. Rescue workers believe the woman slipped while hiking in the mountains and fell into the six meter deep hole. She sustained injuries to her back, but is doing well under the circumstances, AD reports.

The Dutch woman spent about an hour and a half at the bottom of the ravine before the rescuers managed to get her out. She was taken to a hospital in Chiang Mai for X-rays and recovery. 

"Nobody's ever fallen from that part of the Grand Canyon of Pai", district manager of Pai, Thanakrit Chantajumrussin, said, according to AD. He visited the Dutch woman in the hospital, and she is doing well, he said. "She says she'll return to Pai when she is recovered." The district manager ordered that warning signs and gates be placed in the area.

The Pai Canyon is often compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States. It is known for extremely long and narrow paths, bordered by abysses of up to 30 meters deep.