Subsidies for Amsterdam homeowners who stop using natural gas

From September 1st homeowners in Amsterdam can apply for a subsidy to remove their home from the gas connection. The Dutch capital aims to be gas-free by 2050 in order to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the city. That means that 350 thousand homes must move from natural gas to sustainable heating and electric cooking, Het Parool reports.

The Amsterdam Mayor and aldermen made 5 million euros available for this subsidy. Homeowners can receive a maximum of 5 thousand euros to get off the gas network and use sustainable alternatives instead. Homeowners can also apply for a subsidy of up to 8 thousand euros to generate sustainable energy.

Homeowners associations can also apply for a subsidy to install a heat pump or to connect to the city heating system. 

Amsterdam already stopped laying new gas lines to new urban areas. And a number of existing neighborhoods will be connected to the city heating system or other gas alternatives before 2020. 


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