Dutch lesbian couple search for sperm donor on YouTube

Dutch couple search for sperm donor with YouTube Video
Dutch couple search for sperm donor with YouTube VideoPhoto: Screenshot / YouTube / Ik Vrouw Van Jou

Utrecht couple Scarlet and Joyce are searching for a sperm donor with a YouTube video. They hope to find a donor that fits them well with the video, as earlier attempts to find a donor through more regular channels mostly  led to weird reactions, AD reports.

The couple is very active on social media, where they share a lot about their personal lives and the daily challenges they face. Their YouTube channel Ik Vrouw Van Jou has more than 41 thousand subscribers. They therefore decided to share this call with their followers.

"We especially appreciate the value of it. For ourselves, but also for the men and women who watch and struggle with similar problems", Scarlet said to the newspaper. She doesn't think that sperm donation is precisely a taboo topic. "Still it's not something easily talked about."

Joyce and Scarlet are looking for a donor they can trust, as well as click with. They're positive about finding him through YouTube. "We have a wide range. We can not put out a larger call than this. We really hope that with this we'll meet a nice guy."