More university-educated teachers needed in Netherlands: science academy

. Source:Wikimedia/U.S. Census Bureau

The number of university-educated teachers in Dutch classrooms is decreasing, while this type of teacher is still very necessary, the royal Netherlands academy of sciences KNAW warns. Teachers with a university background are essential to prepare school pupils for their university studies, according to the academy, Het Parool reports.

Many university-educated teachers are retiring, while the new accrual consists of both HBO-educated teachers and university-educated teachers. In addition, fewer university graduates are entering the education sector. The science subjects in particular are facing a threatening shortage of university-educated teachers, according to KNAW. 

The academy is calling for the teaching profession to be made more attractive. This can be done in several ways, KNAW believes. For example, by lowering tuition for the extra year graduates have to study to become teachers. Or by giving students earlier access to the subjects they later want to teach.