Good chance for Witteveen restart: Bankruptcy Curator

The bankruptcy administrator working on fashion chain Witteveen has good hope that a restart will be possible and that as many jobs as possible will be reserved, he said in a press release. According to administrator Rinke Dulack, "a fair number of candidates" signed up to realize a restart for the bankrupt company, reports.

Dulack made a selection from the candidates and is discussing a possible restart with a number of parties. He added that the process may "take some time". 

Witteveen was declared bankrupt on July 25th, after the bankruptcy was requested by the Tax Authority. Of the total 98 stores, 72 can still remain open according to agreements the administrator made with the bank involved.

The online store is still offline. But orders previously made through the website will still be finalized. Savings cards issued before the bankruptcy remain valid if the customer spends at least 75 euros. 

Witteveen employs around 400 people. 


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