Populist PVV criticizes NS' plan for gender-neutral announcements

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders. Wouter Engler / Wikimedia Commons

The PVV is vehemently against rail company NS' plan to" in their announcements and replace it with gender-neutral "best travelers". PVV leader Geert Wilders tweeted that this plan is "madness" and that the NS lost its way. 

"NS completely lost its way. Rather make sure the trains run on time than gender neutral communication. Madness", Wilders tweeted.

PVV parliamentarian Roy van Aalst asked the government to tell NS to fire the "responsible D66 hats that conceived this", according to the Telegraaf. Use the money saved on their salaries for tackling problems, such as the many delays and assaults on conductors, Van Aalst said.

Van Aalst also wants to know what will happen to the NS employees who refuse to cooperate. He is certain that there are many train drivers and conductors that find it ridiculous to express themselves in a gender neutral way, he said to the newspaper.