Dutch association warns of unsafe child car seats

Little girl in a car seat
Little girl in a car seat. Photo: Carlos Adampol Galindo / Wikimedia Commons

On Monday Dutch travel association ANWB issued a warning over two child car seats that are unsafe. According to the association, children strapped into the Recaro Optia or Jané Grand One seats could risk sustaining serious injury if there is an accident.

Tests done on the Recaro Optia showed that the seat detaches from its frame during a frontal collision. This could send the seat, and the child in it, flying through the car in an accident. And on the Jané Grand One, a point of attachment breaks when faced with extreme force, which means the car seat is not kept in place. Both seats were tested again, with the same results.

The ANWB warns consumers not to purchase either of these seats. Those who already own one, should take them back to the seller. The manufacturers were informed of the test results. Both manufacturers launched an investigation into the faults. Jané already discontinued the affected seat.

The ANWB and its European counterparts test new car seats for children every year. The results of these tests are usually presented in the fall. But due to the seriousness of these faults, the association decided to immediately issue a warning.