More birds of prey attacking Dutch cyclists, joggers

A buzzard in flight
A buzzard in flight. Photo: Lip Kee / Wikimedia Commons

The municipality of Meierijstad is warning joggers and cyclists to watch out for birds of prey. Another runner was recently attacked by an angry bird near Het Melven in Veghel, Omroep Brabant reports.

The municipality thinks that they are dealing with angry buzzards. "They don't usually attack people, but are known to do mock attacks in the breeding season to protect their nest and young." The birds have sharp claws and can easily injure an unwary jogger or cyclist. 

The breeding season will last for another couple of weeks. "Then the chance of meeting an aggressive buzzard is minimal."

If a bird is threatening to attack you, make a lot of noise and wave your arms, the municipality advises. 

In May a cyclist was while cycling between Westerbork and Emmen.