Dutch universities shine in Europe University Rankings: 13 universities in top 100

The Netherlands performed exceptionally well in both the World and Europe University Rankings 2017, according to Times Higher Education. All 13 of the Netherlands' main research intensive universities made the top 100 of the Europe ranking and top 200 in the World ranking. 

The Netherlands outpaced the European average when it came to research reputation, citation impact and research productivity, as well as income measures to academic staff. 

Karl Dittrich, president of the Dutch association of universities VSNU, partly attributes the Dutch universities' success to their awareness of their "public function". This allows them "to view each other not primarily as competitors, but as partners", he said to Times Higher Education. "Researchers actively seek out the connection with their Dutch peers", he said. This created a cooperative research culture in the country.

The Netherlands' quality system and the importance it gives to "societal relevance" also plays apart. As does the fact that Dutch universities work for their students, according to Anka Mulder, vice president of education at TU Delft - the topped ranked Dutch university. "The content of study programs, the quality of the student experience, the opinions of independent review panels and accreditation organizations and the employability of our students are all indicators of academic quality", she said to the news paper. "I believe that the strength of the Dutch university system is partly based on taking into account all these quality measures while developing the system."

TU Delft is the top ranked Dutch university, making it to 17th place on the Europe ranking and 59th place on the World ranking. The University of Amsterdam follows in 18th ad 63rd place respectively.

Here follows a list of the Dutch universities and first their position in the World- and then the Europe rankings:

  • TU Delft - 59, 17
  • University of Amsterdam - 63, 18
  • Wageningen University - 65, 19
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam - 69, 21
  • Leiden University - 77, 24
  • University of Groningen - 80, 26
  • Utrecht University - 86, 29
  • Maastricht University - 94, 34
  • Radboud University Nijmegen - 121, 51
  • University of Twente - 153, 70
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - 156, 71
  • TU Eindhoven - 177, 86
  • Tilburg University - 198, 100