Big changes planned for Amsterdam tram lines with new north-south subway

. Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Steven Lek

Nine of Amsterdam's 15 tram lines are getting new routes in the new tram line map, which municipal transit company GVB published on Friday. The new map, which works on the so-called fish bone model, will take affect on July 22nd next year - when the newe starts operating if all goes according to plan, reports.

Some of the route changes include tram 14 no longer running through Bos en Lommer and tram 1 running towards the station. And it's not only routes changing, some line numbers will also change or disappear. For example tram numbers 9, 16 and 10 are being scrapped and replaced by the previously scrapped 11 and 19, which are being revived. The map can be downloaded .

Due to the profound changes - and the fact that many trams will no longer travel the same lines - GVB considered getting rid of the number system completely. The transport company eventually decided against it. "We think in this way we'll sow as little confusion as possible among travelers", a GVB spokesperson said to the Volkskrant.

According to the company, the new map will get travelers to their destinations faster, even though they'll have to change trams more frequently.