Dutch act O3GNE advances to Eurovision Song Contest finals

OG3NE performing at the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals, 11 May 2017
OG3NE performing at the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals, 11 May 2017Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

Dutch singers O3GNE made it through to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. They will perform sixth in the finals in Kiev, Ukraine on Saturday. Their position was determined by a lottery after the second semi-final on Thursday, NU.nl reports.

On Thursday sisters Lisa, Shelly and Amy was one of 10 countries that went through to the finals with their song Lights and Shadows, a tribute to their incurably ill mother. The sisters had to wait a "nerve wrecking" long time for their name to be called, they said in a press conference after the second semi final. "You know that you could be the last one called, and that in itself does not say anything about how the votes were cast. But it is stressful if they are almost at the end and the camera isn't turning your way yet." the sisters said, according to NU.nl.

Ten countries went through to the finals on Thursday, and ten went through during the first semi-finals on Tuesday. The finals will consist of those 20 countries, plus the five 'big' countries - France, Germany, Italy Spain and Great Britain - and host country Ukraine. Israel will kick off the finals on Saturday. Armenia is up right before the Netherlands, and Moldova appears 7th after O3GNE's performance. The show will be closed by France.