Dutch politicians congratulate new French president; France chose "for reform, against xenophobia"

Emmanuel Macron, elected French president on 7 May 2017
Emmanuel Macron, elected French president on 7 May 2017Photo: Gouvernement français / Wikimedia Commons

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders expressed their congratulations to new French president Emmanuel Macron and congratulated the French population for choosing pro-Europe and anti-xenophobia. PVV leader Geert Wilders congratulated runner up nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen on getting the votes of "millions of patriots".

"I just congratulated Emmanuel Macron on winning the French presidential election", Rutte (VVD) wrote in a statement on Facebook. "With Macron, the French people made a clear progressive and pro-European choice. A choice for cooperation within Europe in areas where it is needed, rather than looking inward. France and the Netherlands have traditionally been faithful allies with strong cultural and economic ties. I look forward to our meeting in the coming period and to our cooperation in the coming years on cross-border issues such as the migration policy, the fight against terrorism and the preservation of a stable and prosperous European economy."

Foreign Affairs Minister Koenders kept his reaction short and to the point. "France chose for reform, for Europe and against xenophobia. We look forward to working with the new French government", his Ministry quoted him on Twitter.

PVV leader Geert Wilders congratulated political ally Marine Le Pen. "Well done anyway Marine Le Pen, millions of patriots voted for you! You will win next time - and so will I!", he wrote on Facebook.

Macron won the election with more than 65 percent of the votes.