Two teens arrested in Zaandam stabbing death of Nick Bood, 16

Police. (Photo: Politie)

Authorities in Zaandam arrested two teens in connection with the stabbing death of 16-year-old secondary student Nick Bood. The victim, from Assendelft, Noord-Holland, was stabbed on the A.F. Savornin Lohmanstraat in neighboring Zaandam around 11 p.m. on Saturday while visiting the city’s local nightlife area with his stepbrother.

Bood died of his injuries in the VU hospital the same night. The cause of the confrontation is unknown as of yet. Some witnesses say Nick was being chased around the streets. It has also not been specified what caused the police to arrest the two males, aged 18 and 15, and what roles they might have played in the stabbing.

Friends and family are saddened and shocked by Nick’s death. “He was a sweet boy with whom you could really laugh”, a group of friends told the Noordhollands Dagblad. They said Nick could sometimes be stubborn, but that he was never aggressive. Over the weekend flowers and memorial cards accumulated on the street where Nick was stabbed, wishing his parents well.

Several tips from witnesses led police to make the arrests. The police are expected to release more details in the coming days.