Fmr Russian soldier arranged transport for missile that shot down MH17: Report

The net is closing around the people responsible for the downing of flight MH17. Former Russian soldier Sergej Doebinski was identified on audio recordings as the person who arranged the transport of the BUK missile that shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine, RTL Nieuws reports.

Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta spoke to the person who identified Doebinski. Doebinski is an old acquaintance of the man and he recognized his voice. At the time of the MH17 disaster, Doebinski was fighting with separatists against the Ukrainian army.

Doebinski's voice was recognized in a recorded telephone conversation in which someone can be heard describing the "beauty" of the BUK missile. Swedish researchers compared that recording with a recent telephone conversation with Doebinski and concluded that it is the same voice.

The person who initially identified the former Russian soldier also told the Novaya Gazeta about a meeting with Doebinski after the MH17 disaster. "'You are  guilty of downing MH17' I said. He waved his arms and said: 'You must not think I did this. It were those freaks from Moscow'." 

Last year the Public Prosecutor announced that the joint investigation team is looking at 100 people suspected of involvement in the downing of MH17, in which 298 people were killed. The Prosecutor confirmed to RTL that they are aware of this information, but will not comment on possible suspects.