Russia denies Dutch intelligence agency's hacking allegations

Hackers or Keyboard users
(photo:José Goulão/Flickr). ((photo:José Goulão/Flickr))

Russia denies hacking into other countries' IT systems. On Monday the Dutch military intelligence agency reported that . But according to the Kremlin, this is not true, RTL Nieuws reports.

According to the MIVD, the Netherlands was the target of hundreds of cyber attacks last year. Main targets included the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs. But Russian hackers also targeted Dutch companies that manufacture weapons systems. As far as the intelligence service could determine, no information about Dutch weapon systems were accessed in these attacks.

Russia denies these allegations. "We do not carry out hack attacks", the Kremlin said, according to RTL. "There is nothing true about the accusation."

The MIVD also warned on Monday that Russia is getting more proficient in so-called hybrid warfare. Particularly in spreading fake news. The service pointed to fake information spread in the aftermath of the MH17 disaster. Russia is also taking enormous steps technology wise, the service said.