Dutch climate change prof. lands on Time’s 100 Most Influential list

Dutch climate change professor Guus Velders was named as one of the most influential people on the planet in the Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential list. He is the only Dutch person to make it onto the list.

Velders is employed at the Dutch national health and environment institute RIVM and is a special professor of 'Air Quality and Climate Interacations' at the Utrecht University. "This special recognition is given to him for laying the scientific foundation under the global climate agreement made in Kigali in Rwanda in October 2016", the RIVM and University said in a statemetn, ANP reports

"Within the climate-change movement there are advocates, there are policymakers and there are scientists—experts who roll up their sleeves and dedicate themselves to finding solutions to our world's most dire crisis. And among the scientists are those who commit their lives and their careers to identifying the most impactful changes we can make. Guus Velders is such a scientist." Time Magazine writes about him. 

According to Time, Velders' work in finding out how common pollutants can harm the world was central to the global reduction of hydrofluorocarbons  from aircons. His work also encouraged the development of less-harmful materials. 

Velders' introduction was written by Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who made the climate change documentary Before the Flood last year. According to DiCaprio, the world's growing understanding that climate change is the defining problem facing this generation, is largely thanks to the work of scientists like Velders. "We need more scientists, activists and policymakers to join him in making the cause of climate change their life's mission. The future will thank you."

Last year Queen Maxima was the only Dutch to make it on the Time's 100 Most Influential list. She was praised for her work in brining banking services to people in developing countries.