Dutch youths prefer a fun job over good salary

Stock image of a female worker (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Peter van der Sluijs)Stock image of a female worker (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Peter van der Sluijs)

Dutch young people would rather have a nice job with an average salary, than a boring but well-paid job, according to a survey the Utrecht University did on behalf of YoungCapital employment agency. Utrecht University questioned 3,721 millennials - born between 1980 and 1999 - from eight European countries about what they look for in a job, Financieele Dagblad reports. 

Among Dutch millennials, 71 percent prefer a nice job above a well-paying job. Only Spaniards and French youths attach more value to work satisfaction. German and Swedish young people are more divided on the matter - in both countries 55 percent choose job satisfaction and 45 percent choose money. 

But while young people increasingly value job satisfaction, a good salary remains an important working condition. 82 percent of Dutch millennials called salary important, compared to the European average of 83 percent. Learning new skills is also important to young people across Europe - 90 percent of Dutch and 88 percent EU average. Only 18 percent of Dutch and an EU average of 26 percent will let companies attract them with gadgets, like phones or laptops.

Young people across Europe also attach importance to a fixed contract. 67 percent of Dutch called this important or very important, compared to an EU average of 55 percent. Only in Germany does more young people prefer a temporary contract. The surveyed young people called a fixed contract important because it gives them financial security. They also feel more valued if they have a permanent contract.

"The time is past for a company to attract young people with a big salary", Ineke Kooistra, CEO of YoungCapital, said to FD. "Companies need to realize that they need to submerge themselves into the mindset of young people."


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