Wilders plans sequels to anti-Islam film Fitna

PVV leader Geert Wilders is planning several sequels to his 2008 anti-Islam film Fitna. On Twitter he announced that he is working on  "Fitna 2 to 10". According to Wilders, the 9 new Fitna films will be short films that "clearly explain the danger of Islam and the necessity for de-Islamization".

Wilders published his first Fitna film in 2008, according to NOS. The film was 16 minutes long and included quotes from the Koran and archive footage. Wilders wanted to show the film on television, but eventually released it on the internet after all Dutch broadcasters refused to show it. 

The PVV leader was eventually prosecuted for the film. According to the Public Prosecutor, there was reasonable suspicion that Wilders insulted a group of people and incited hatred with the film. He was eventually acquitted in 2011.