Elderly Amsterdam woman denies stabbing murder of husband, 88

"I did not kill my husband", 89-year-old Antonia M. from Amsterdam said in court on Monday. She is suspected of stabbing her 88-year-old husband to death in their home n Watergraafsmeer on January 10th, 2015, Het Parool reports.

The Public Prosecutor believes that caring for her husband of 63 years became too much for Antonia M. Evert had poor health and could do virtually nothing for himself anymore. The couple's children also stated that their mother sometimes got overwhelmed. 

Caring for Evert landed almost completely on Antonia and they had almost no visitors, she told the court. "But that's how it is. You have to go on", she said. She did not ask for help. And the couple sometimes had arguments. Antonia occasionally pushed or kicked Evert. "He was very opinionated", she said.