U.S. orders recall of 47,000 Phillips defibrillators

Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam
Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam. (Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam)

The United States' Food and Drug Administration FDA recalled 47,362 Philips defibrillators because they may pose serious risks that may result in injury or even death, Financieele Dagblad reported on Wednesday. This is not actually a recall, only a warning of a minor problem with two defibrilators, a spokesperson for Philips said to the Telegraaf. 

According to the Philips spokesperson, there was a small defect with the electronic contacts of two defibrilators. The problem is easily fixed. Nevertheless, Philips is legally required to inform other owners of the device about the problem. While this is not actually a recall as the product does not have to be returned to the manufacturer, it is still referred to as a 'recall' in FDA terminology.

The spokesperson added that this warning has nothing to do with d that the FDA discovered during inspections in January.