Cancelled KLM flight means passengers can't vote in Dutch election

A KLM Boeing 777 (Photo: Patrick Cardinal/Wikimedia Commons). (A KLM Boeing 777 (Photo: Patrick Cardinal/Wikimedia Commons))

Passengers on a KLM flight from Curacao to the Netherlands today will not be able to cast their vote in the parliamentary election. Their flight to the Netherlands was canceled, and the next flight only departs tomorrow, NOS reports.

A spokesperson for the Electoral Council told NOS that one of the passengers called them to find out if anything can be done. "It's very unfortunate, but we can't do a thing. At 9:00 p.m. tonight the polling stations close and those inside the polling stations can still cast their vote, but those who are too late can't."

Flight KL736 was set to bring 380 passengers to the Netherlands, but couldn't depart due to damage to the plane that was noticed on the island. KLM stated that it "deeply regrets that the passengers will not be back in the Netherlands in time to cast their votes in the parliamentary election."